is our  international network of leading, independent firms with which we cooperate worldwide.

At, our memberships of international law networks are combined: the renowned network Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) and the network for leading employment law firms Innangard. Furthermore, independent law firms from all continents are organised within Our clients can thus use us as a single source for coherent, highest quality international service in different jurisdictions and for worldwide projects. In over 70 countries.

When required by the client, Seitz shall remain the single point of contact for a complex international project and process the assignment on an international basis together with our network of firms. 

Seitz lawyers and their global partners have a vast range of international experience, particularly in global restructuring projects (e.g. carve outs), transactions and tax law, but also in questions relating to international employment law, such as appointment of board members, D&O-liability, pensions, expatriates, rights of residence, employee benefits, code of conduct and social security.

For Seitz it is particularly important that our membership in international networks of law firms is not exclusive. Thus, we are free to select the best firm for each project and the client’s demand to work with a specific international law firm they have selected can always be met.