Our training programme helps talented lawyers to make a name for themselves as attorneys

Seitz.talents is the trainee programme for our law firm and also the gateway to working at Seitz. As a comprehensive training programme, seitz.talents is open to students, trainees and young professionals. In addition to the legal and practical training, communication and negotiation skills training, soft skills and foreign languages are provided. The programme is based on the principle of promoting and combining both individuality and team spirit.

  • »From the very beginning, as a trainee lawyer I was a full member of the team and was involved in working with clients. This allowed me to become fully acquainted with Seitz.«Shirin ImaniFormer trainee lawyer, labour law attorney at Seitz
  • »Seitz has impressive clients and is highly specialised. The atmosphere within the team is amenable, the partners spend a lot of time on coaching their trainee lawyers.«Annika HausmannFormer trainee lawyer, labour law attorney at Seitz
  • »Successful attorneys are not just outstanding lawyers. They must also excel internationally in terms of their negotiation and communication skills. We want to promote these skills from the very beginning at seitz.talents.«André HenningManaging Director of seitz.talents
  • »Research assistants are also fully integrated into the team. You really learn a lot and the cooperative spirit at work is very exciting.«Frauke SchönbrunnResearch assistant at Seitz
  • Training at seitz.talents

    Seitz.talents offers numerous further education modules such as legal presentations, workshops, negotiation skills training and business English lessons, as well as individual support in the form of one-to-one examination training and feedback meetings. Each participant in the programme should be able to optimally develop their own individual level of training. This can be done in one-to-one or small group training, or within the context of our cooperation with leading university departments, as well as through the arrangement of placements and secondments with our partner law firms abroad.

    What is special about this programme is the complete involvement in the team, and the comprehensive and genuine transparency this provides. Each participant in the programme gains an insight into the working environment at Seitz and gets to know various employees with various lifestyles and working arrangements. A passion for the legal profession and achieving personal goals are only possible in an optimal working environment and a functioning team.

  • Working at Seitz

    The strength of the team at Seitz is made up of the sum of the strengths of the individuals. We endeavour to create and maintain a working environment that allows each individual to realise their chosen way of life and to use their individual strengths. Our aim is to have a team that ensures that peak legal performance and individual goals are equally possible and appreciated. 

  • Admission requirements for seitz.talents

    The basic requirements for acceptance to the seitz.talents programme are above-average legal performance during one's legal studies and a convincing, team-oriented personality. Candidates also need to demonstrate an enthusiasm for the profession of an attorney in one of our specialised areas, employment, corporate law or tax.

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