Dr. Peter Steinberg

Attorney at law | Specialist lawyer for tax law | Specialist lawyer for criminal law | Master of Fiscal Affairs | Certified Consultant for Tax Criminal Law (DAA) | Counsel

Dr. Peter Steinberg advises and defends entrepreneurs and private individuals as well as national and international companies in tax and white-collar criminal law. As a former tax official, he also accompanies tax audits and conducts tax appeals and legal proceedings. In addition, he advises on issues relating to the Money Laundering Act and defends in corresponding administrative offence proceedings.

Dr. Peter Steinberg completed the dual training program of the tax authorities of North Rhine-Westphalia at the University of Applied Sciences for Finance to become a certified financial economist. In addition, he studied law at the University of Cologne, where he received his doctorate as Dr. iur. with his dissertation "Insolvency claim or mass liability: The classification of taxes under insolvency law". In the meantime, Dr. Steinberg was a member of the government council at the Central Office for Financial Transaction Investigations at the Customs Criminal Investigation Office until he returned to working as a lawyer.

Dr. Peter Steinberg is the author of the AO commentary Zugmaier/Nöcker of the NWB publishing house, in particular for the provisions relating to fiscal offences. For many years he has been publishing monthly articles on tax and commercial law in the NWB publishing house's specialist journal "Betriebswirtschaftliche Beratung". In addition, he is a lecturer for tax law, criminal tax law and money laundering law.

Scope of activity

  • Tax


+49 221 5 69 60-300
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  • Autor im AO-Kommentar Zugmaier/Nöcker (NWB-Verlag)

    für die §§ 179-182 AO und §§ 369-370 AO und 372-376 AO

  • Autor von monatlichen Fachbeiträgen in der Zeitschrift „Betriebswirtschaftliche Beratung“

    in den Rubriken „Fokus für Wirtschafts- und Steuerrecht“ und „Fokus Beraterrecht“ des NWB-Verlages. Kommentierung von Urteilen zum Wirtschaftsrecht, Insolvenzrecht, Arbeitsrecht, Steuerrecht und Zivilrecht

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