Prof. Dr. Thomas Kania

Attorney at law | partner

Thomas Kania advises companies on restructuring, complex personnel matters and, in particular, on works constitution law. In addition to this, he has many years of expertise in advising Executive Boards and Managing Directors.

He regularly publishes on employment and labour law topics. He is, inter alia, co-author of a leading legal commentary on German employment and labour law. 

Thomas Kania studied at the University of Cologne, where he worked as an assistant and also received his doctorate. In 2013, he was named an honorary professor Bonn University. He lectures extensively on employment and labour law topics, including for the last four years as a lecturer in the specialist attorney training course at the German Legal Academy. 

Scope of activity

  • Employment




+49 221 5 69 60-320
+49 221 5 69 60-200




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Essays and treatises

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